Google has temporary shut-down its offices in China due to the spread of Corona Virus


As per the recent news, Google has temporarily shut down its office in China due to the proliferation of Coronavirus. Google has confirmed this news to The Verge on Wednesday. They have confirmed that they will close their offices in Mainland China, offices in Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Right now, they have closed their office during the Lunar Year Holiday, and this helped the Government of China in reducing the impact of Coronavirus. It let the residents of China not come out of their residents, and this automatically minimizes the spread of Coronavirus. It also makes the Chinese not to travel.

The Government has made instructions to the companies to close their offices for some days. So, there will not be harmful to those who are working in a company. Even though, the Coronavirus has also affected the flights, which flies from mainland China to Hong Kong. The Government of other countries has also announced its citizens to return from China. And the employees who are working in China to recover from the country within the 14 days as all of the flights will not work for a long time.

The Coronavirus has impacted the technology sector a lot as a lot of people restrict travel to China as there will be the risk of the spread of the Corona Virus. Coronavirus has impacted the place Wuhan, which is having around 132 deaths, and there are about 6,000 cases, which confirms the coronavirus. There is a lot of company, which are work in the tech industry, and the internet industry has a massive impact due to this virus because their employees are not willing to come to China due to the illness.

But still, Google has started to run its operations in China due to the tension in the country. We all know how much Google is reputed in China as in China; they deal with selling various hardware products like Google Home speakers, Pixel phones, and many more devices. For this, they have to work along with the Chinese employees to give the best services.

But now, Google has ultimately confirmed that they will keep their offices closed for some time so that its employees will not suffer from this big problem. For Google, the safety of their employees is very much impact.

It is the best step that Google has taken so that the Chinese people will stay healthy and free from significant health concerns like Corona. Besides Google, other companies have also closed their operations, and this is very much helpful for the Chinese people and the health officials of China to stay free from health problems.

Companies like Apple and Facebook have not allowed their employees to travel throughout the week. It is done after both of the companies have generated their quarterly reports. Apple has also closed its retail stores in China to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

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