Counting on more countries to carry out Whatsapp Pay soon, says Mark Zuckerberg


Being a legend of social media technology, Mark Zuckerberg always has something to widen the eyes of users. Keeping the tradition to shake the technology industry, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his plans to commence Whatsapp Pay along with which he has also announced to bring the digital currency Libra or else the Facebook Pay system.

While counting on the growth, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram have witnessed millions of users getting added with the usage of time. The progression in the number of users might be the reason that Mark Zuckerberg has instructed the company to work on setting up of Facebook Marketplace as well as Instagram as a shopping platform. With this, it will become quite easy for the users to shop and access the e-commerce platforms via messaging itself.

The Facebook CEO stated, “We are active in the areas to bring the national systems like India’s UPI payment systems to make a global system. Apart from that, we are putting efforts to make it possible for people to keep buying and selling digital along with setting up of business storefronts direct.”

When it comes to setting up payment systems, the company is focusing more on the developed countries, but they have several products to offer at different places. Along with this Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed that he is very much focused and keen about election integrity.

“There is still a lot to discuss and debate on the allowance of political speeches on the platforms. Through our efforts to bring integrity in elections showcased a lot of progress, yet we need to work a lot.  Since the 2020 elections are scraping near in several counties, we are working on setting certain measures so that national elections can be protected from the EU.” he noted.

While sharing the numbers, Zuckerberg stated that 1.7 billion users are active daily, which means the company has witnessed 9 percent growth than last year. He added that India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among those countries which have contributed to the user growth of the company.

Coming back to the installation of the Whatsapp Payment system, Zuckerberg said that they got the approval to test the system, back in the year of 2018. At that time, they witnessed that there were a lot of people contributing to the continued use of the digital payment system every week. After that, they got to know that the launch of this digital payment system is going to bring a considerable profit to the company for sure.

In the year 2018, the company was able to accumulate a strength of one million users only when it was just a test service. It is quite evident that the number can multiply itself to a colossal number after its actual launch. Keeping all the factors in mind, Zuckerberg confirmed that they have planned to initiate this payment system globally in various countries in the next six months.

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