Kings of technology all set to put a halt on China offices


Over the past few days, coronavirus has subsumed a lot of lives in its trap, which is undoubtedly a curse for China’s economy. Its spread is continuously haunting the mega giants of technology to temporarily stop the progression of all the business ties with China. Notably, Google has embarked on the first step in saving their employees from the scaring coronavirus. Google has decided to close all of the offices, including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The saddening truth for China is that not only Google but also Amazon and Microsoft have also taken specific steps to shield their staff from the infections of coronavirus.  Though the companies are planning these shutdowns for a small period, it is going to affect China’s economy anyway.

With the recent reports, it has also been acknowledged that,

  • Google advised its staff to stop traveling to China.
  • Starbucks has shut the doors of its nearly 2000 outlets from the country.
  • Facebook is warning its staff to maintain a distance from China.
  • Haidilao hot pot closed its restaurants in China.
  • Also, voyage suspension is leading to stop traveling of Chinese people from and to the country.
  • General Motors Company has extended its Lunar New Year holiday.

Furthermore, The US-based company, General Motors have also announced to keep all its manufacturing plants closed till the holidays. They have decided to keep the factories closed till 9th February.

In the list, Toyota has also announced shutting down of all its manufacturing units in China locked up till 9th February. As Wuhan is the most affected city by a coronavirus, it is putting a terrible impact on the industry leaders. The reason being Wuhan city comprises the most number of motor production companies in the country.

Keeping this thing in mind, several other multinational companies are untying their knots with China for a small but indefinite period. Let’s hope for the treatment of coronavirus affected people; otherwise it can curse the country badly with its impacts.

Typically, the mega leaders of the technology industry want to shield their staff from getting affected by the impacts of coronavirus. Even an Amazon spokesperson also told the BBC that it would be wise to encourage the employees to follow the health and safety guidelines by putting half on traveling to and from China. All this is happening for the preventions of the spread of this fatal virus.

Going by the numbers, Wuhan city made 357 billion dollars by its tourism in the year 2019, which makes the city one of the prominent cities of the country. Now the reports are declaring that not only Wuhan but whole China is getting trapped under the symptoms of coronavirus gradually.

With all this, French car manufacturing company PSA has also passed orders for its brands Citroen and Peugeot about their and their families’ evacuation from China.

In the list of evacuating companies, Facebook, Honda, Nissan are also there. Let’s see how many more additions are going to be.

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