Cedars-Sinai research all set to treat Parkinson’s disease


The Cedars-Senai medical research center has researched Parkinson’s disease. According to their study, if a person gets detected with the disease before the 50 years of age, then most of the changes indicate the person might have taken birth with the disordered brain cells. While unfolding facts of the disease, officials said that it occurs with death or impairment of neurons, which make dopamine. Dopamine is a substance present in the human body, which assists us in coordinating the muscle movement.

Nature Medicine journal also published a study stating that nearly 500,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year, and the number is rising over time. Along with this, research tells that most of the patients are detected with the disease after the age of 60 years or more, and only 10 percent of patients are diagnosed with symptoms aging between 20 and 50 years.

The scientists and researchers have found these significant abnormalities:

The accumulation of alpha-synuclein protein is also affecting most of the patients.

Building up of alpha-synucleins with the malfunctioning of lysosomes. The lysosomes are the cell structures that breakdown the proteins as well as dispose of them. These are called as the trash cans.

In most of the patients, researchers detected the increased levels of active enzymes called protein Kinase C. Though the function of this enzyme is not much vivid. Yet, the scientists encountered the abnormality in most of the cases.

The Movement Disorders Program’s Director, as well as the vice-chairman and professor Neurology Department of Cedars Sinai, Michele Tagliati, said that young-onset Parkison’s disease is majorly striking at the prominent of life which is the most saddening factor about the condition. He also stated that the new research could hopefully detect the disease at the early stages and make the cure possible to save the individuals affecting the illness.

While coming to the resolution, the research team has made some specialized stem cells called induced pluripotent stem cells majorly famous with the name iPSCs. The team has also stated that the iPSCs can produce any human cells, and they have made it evident with the production of dopamine neurons, which were taken from the patients’ bodies itself. It is the reason the team has found the functions of neurons and confirmed the all with their experiments.

After knowing the functions of neurons, scientists are looking forward to finding the cure of the disease very soon, which is affecting a plethora of lives with the ticking off the clock. With this iPSC model, the team has already found a drug named PEP005, which can treat precancers of skin. The best part is that the Food and Drug Administration has also approved the use of the drug. Typically the drug reduces the alpha-synuclein levels, which generally found elevated in the dopamine neurons of the patients. The team and patients have crossed their fingers for the best results and early-stage treatment of the disease.

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