We Work Got Their New CEO, And He Is Not From Tech, He Is A Real Estate!


As a tech company, We Work is no longer strives the minds of people. Now, We Work wants to gain their impression on the minds, a real estate giant focused on the matter. We Work chosen veterans from the world of real estate, which concentrates on leasing space.

It is just that what it has done. According to a news story given by WSJ, who says about the company that, which was forcefully pulled towards the public offering last year, which has settled on Sandeep Mathrani as its new top banana.

Mathrani was the CEO of “Brookfield Properties” retail group, and the vice-chairman of Brookfield Properties, who gave his 1.5 years to the firm. Before he has joined the company of Chicago, he gave his 8 years of life as being the CEO of General Growth Property. It was one of the largest mall operators in the US, until unless, Brookfield took it in cash amount of $9.25 billion in 2018.

With Vornado Realty Trust, Mathrani Spent 8 years as an executive vice president over there. The Vornado Realty Trust is a publicly-traded real estate company, which has a market cap of $12.5 billion. Brookfield is a little smaller in comparison to Vornado, whose market cap is $8 billion.

From New York to Miami, Mathrani relocated, according to the public records. He acquired one high rise apartment last year, which he bought.

He is going to report all this to the Marcelo Claure, operating chief of the SoftBank, who appointed in October the executive chairman of We Work. The appointment is made to help the salvage, what Claure said in a bet made on WeWork by the SoftBank.

After the appointment, Claure called all the nervous employees and told them that, “The commitment size SoftBank made on WeWork in the past, it amount now $18.5 billion. It is said to put the things in context that the amount is larger in comparison to the GDP of my country, from where I came. The country consists of 11 million people over there.

Claure gave 4 years to SoftBank is now trying on John Legere, who is the CEO of T-Mobile. Later on, in the conversation, it is found that Legere has no plans yet to leave his company T-Mobile. He joined the company in 2012. It is found that, as per the verge, he is bounded with a contract till April 30.

It is expected that Sprint and T-Mobile are going to be merged now. The attorneys from 13 states are trying to block the deal because it will affect the competition and the prices, which will rise in the market.

Mathrani is a stark contrast to the WeWork co-founder, the CEO named Adam Neumann, asked to resign after watching the working in WeWork of him, which made the customers shift from WeWork to Another option in the market. Even the public investors are also meeting with some issues from WeWork.

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