3156 cases of coronavirus confirmed by Hubei, the ships quarantined for two weeks!


The princess cruise found 10 passengers in their ship, who was positively active with coronavirus. The situation placed all the 3700 passengers and the entire crew at danger on the ship in Yokohama. The 10 passengers who have been found infected from the virus taken by the Japanese Coast Guard watercraft, as transported to the nearest local hospital to come under the supervision of the professional doctors. The statements passed by the company itself.

On Tuesday, United Airlines said to suspend the Hong Kong services. After days, it cuts down the flights to mainland China as well. The demand for the routes has dropped too much, said by the Chicago based carrier. The suspension is made from Feb 8 to Feb 20. Besides, the changes are possible to be made, told by the company.

The confirmation made for the new 3156 cases of coronavirus, plus 65 deaths in overnight due to this dangerous virus. The Hubei Provincial Health Committee confirms it. The total confirmation of the province found by the committee is 16678 cases of coronavirus; plus, 479 deaths. The capital city of China in Wuhan, which is a city of Hubei Province as well. Plus, it is the place of the coronavirus outbreak as well.

It is claimed by Disney that, near around $175 million smashed from the outbreaks of coronavirus made recently. If Hong Kong, Shanghai Disney parks, all are closed from the last two months. Christine McCarthy, who is the chief financial officer of Disney, said that the impact of the virus, later on, will cost around $ 135 million in the second quarter. $135 from the Shanghai Disney Park, and approximately $40 million from the closure of Hong Kong.

Nike has also closed its half of the stores in China. They said that the outbreak impacts on the material, which can affect their brand. The situation due to the coronavirus was not considered at the period of Q3 guidance provided during the time of the Q2 fiscal year 2020 earnings call. The company itself says it in a statement.

Clorox, which makes the cleaning products also get affected by a coronavirus. They make the cleaning products for home usage, plus hospitals as well. They make the production of bleach much, and the virus affected the demand, getting increased of customers for bleach surround by the sudden occurrence. CFO, Kevin Jacobsen told this to the analysts. The earlier Tuesday, the officials from the World Health Organization said that there is no such evidence found yet, which claims that the bleach helps protect people against the infection. During the sudden occurrence, other companies are also claiming to make more products, which includes the respiratory masks as well.

According to scientists and doctors, it is found that the virus can be proven more contagious as compared to the current data. The data for the coronavirus impact is changing day by day. The scientists and researchers are making efforts on it, and it is found that the virus is spreading from one person to another.

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