These 3 transformations of Amazon will make it trending in 2020


Amazon is the best growing e-commerce company in the world. It does various conversion with itself to maintain its profit in the market. It generated an income of More than $232 billion in 2018. Looking at the trending market strategy, we can assume some transformations of Amazon that will make it trending in 2020. Amazon always tries to maintain its stability by investing in advertisement and providing offers like Black Friday, Flash sales on mobiles, etc.

These are the three transformations that will trend Amazon in 2020:-

 1.More Social involvement

Amazon will take its steps forward on social platforms. Nowadays, people spend most of their time socially. Thus, social platforms advertisement will be the best way to attract the customer and gain their interest to shop online. Amazon already has an autosuggestion software which shows the searched adds by the user on the social platform. Thus giving discounts on such products on social platforms will help to gain access and make profits. Amazon is building its homegrown social network where you can check the user rating by clicking on its profile. Users also will have the option to follow each other. Additional features like creating a post and developing a social community will also help to expand its business on the internet.

  1. More Supportive for Manufacturers and Brands

In 2020, Amazon will be more supportive of manufacturers and brands for providing better tools and improve its analytics. Some of the essential steps toward improvement include:-

  • Brand Registry:- It allows manufacturers to register their brand on Amazon. Doing a brand registry with Amazon will help the company to boost its sales. Manufacturers will also have an option to make their additional pages on Amazon to show an advertisement for their other products. It will be the same as a mini-website of manufactures that will give them a unique identity with the help of Amazon.
  • A+ Content Tools:- With the help of A+ content tools, manufacturers and brands will have an option bewith tools from where they can customize the product description and images below the product. Doing this will make the conversion rate higher and improve sales.
  • Amazon Attribution Tool:- This a new type of tool that will allow advertisers to tag products on Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. It is possible with the help of adds code that will extract the information of the product directly from Amazon and puts it on social media.
  • API Improvements:- Amazon also is working to improve its application programming interface (API). It will make enhance the user spending time on the Amazon app and grow the sales.
  1. Improving Advertising Tools

It involves the improvement of advertising tools for driving sales. Some of the improvement tools are the following:-

  • New Ad Types:- New advertising option will allow other manufacturers to advertise in amazon.
  • Sponsored Display:- Amazon will launch sponsored display adds at a meager price. It plans to keep the cost of $35 per month to display your adds to improve sales.
  • Extra features:- New improvement advertisement tools include Amazon Live, UI transformation will trend Amazon to enhance the strategy of advertisement.

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