Death Rates Due To Coronavirus Top 500, Britain, And Vietnam Detected A Few More New Cases!


Britain confirmed for their thrid case of coronavirus. In the UK, a third person is detected with the virus, said on Thursday by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of England.

Chris Witty of CMO of England said this in a statement, the patients who are found to be positive with this life-threatening virus in the UK are immediately transferred to the expert in National Health Service (NHS).

The NHS is concerned about the case, and they are managing these sorts of situations as well. Yet, the contacts of the patients are still in search.

On Thursday, in Vietnam also, there are two cases found of coronavirus. Now the total of the affected people is 12 due to coronavirus in Vietnam. The health ministry of Vietnam said in a statement that both the cases came off the coronavirus Vietnamese nationals, who belong to the northern province of Vinh Phuc.

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal in Russia reported in a statement that Russia rejected the proposal of standing further OPEC led production cuts.

The Saudi Led Producer group are unable to approach to the agreement over the response to this sudden occurrence of coronavirus from China.

After the delegates, it is found that representing OPEC and non-OPEC allies, sometimes referred to as OPEC+. It came to this after the debate of three days to offset the demand for crude.

Sunday, February 2, Tesla has closed it’s all over stores in the mainland of China. The order is given through a post, which is provided by the company sales employee.

Half of China is shut down due to the spread of the coronavirus. To limit the spread of coronavirus, China is shut down. Around 500 kills happened in China due to coronavirus.

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympic and paralympic games set up a force to counter the fear of coronavirus. Toshiro Muto, who is the CEO of Tokyo 2020, gathered a press briefed it on Thursday, he had chaired the new created novel Coronavirus Countermeasures Task Force, Reuters reported. Muto said that the first meeting held on Tuesday by the group. He also noted that the second meeting is going to be held on Friday.

From July 24 to August 9, The Olympic Games are going to take place, and from August 25 to September 6, Paralympic Games are held.

Air France announced the suspension of the flights to the mainland of China till March now. The coronavirus is still not in control, which leads them to take such action.

The KLM said in an online statement that the suspension could reach up to 15 March, including Bejing and Shanghai.

Due to the objection from China, Taiwan is not a member of the WHO now. Beijing considers Taiwan a self-governing person, who brought the province under his control. Joanne Ou is Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, slammed WHO and China. He was not able to provide appropriate information to Taiwan about the Coronavirus infection cases. The WHO informed 13 cases on the island, but there are only 10 at that time.

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