Solus Comes Up With Plasma Desktop Options.


Solus is an independent desktop operating system of Linux kernel in Ireland. It uses its desktop environment from GNOME. This week Solus comes up with the Plasma desktop options to its network. Solus has a feature of rolling release that updates the system and software files automatically and eliminates the step of reinstalling. They have now updated ISOs which is the most advanced. Earlier times, Solus came with a Budgie desktop, but from now it uses GNOME 2 functions for giving a fantastic look.

The Desktop Factor

● The old Budgie desktop had some traditional desktop features like:-

● The Solus has developed more plugin choices in desktops.

● The Solus distro brings back to the Linux table which is independent of any other system.

● Its core system is the Linux kernel, and a collection of applications is also for package management.

The new KDE Plasma desktop offers Solus gives a more flexible desktop experience. It also brings more usability options which will be very helpful for Linux newcomers.

Early Flaws

Initially, Solus came with Budgie desktop environment, it was too simple to use, but it was too slow. It has a lack of functions. Over the years it upgraded some of the performance, and now the Solus distro is a full advanced version and very fast in processing functions.


In 2015 Ikey Doherty was the developer of Solus OS which was known by the named “Evolve OS”, but later the name changed into Solus OS.

Doherty rebrand the original distro with another Linux distribution. Now that Linux project is named “Solus.”

Upgradation of Solus

The development has reached a high level. Moving on to year by year the os has exponentially grownup to develop advance Linux operating systems like Solus 4.0.

The Budgie desktop of Solus 4.0 and 4.1 was elementary to use. But comparatively 4.1 version is rich in features and designed to provide a user-friendly experience. It also gives quick options if restart, shutdown, and open files. If you are a gamer, Solus 4 is the best option for you.

Nowadays GNOME and MATE desktops offer Solus to new users to create an impressive Linux distribution. Some of the latest edition of growing Solus desktops is KDE Plasma. The plasma KDE has a variety of features like running different background images while doing your activity in the Solus plasma screen.

Unlike Standard Plasma desktop, the Solus developers upgraded it to a new plasma edition desktop to give a more compatible experience to the users.

Solus Review:-

● The latest edition has a much darker Solus theme in comparison to KDE Breeze-Dark.

● The desktop has a system tray that contains custom layout and many widgets including a digital clock.

● The Solus Plasma Edition has KDE integrations for running applications and fast functioning.

● Its best for running games more comfortably.

Solus has changed itself in the last few years, and now it is the leading alternative distros for mainstream Linux OSes. Desktop Os version like 4.1 has entirely satisfactory features for all. But latest the Plasma edition is the best one with Linux support and will be loved by Solus fans.



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