Scientists Found A New Method To Bend Diamonds.


Diamond is the pure form of carbon after graphite. It is also the hardest material on earth. Most of the diamond makers face a lot of difficulties while architecting it. But Recently, Scientists found a new method to bend diamonds. Yes, you hear, right. It is possible by the technique of nanoneedles. Nanoneedles are the beam of the electric field with a length of 20 nanometres. It’s about thousands of time shorter than a human hair. With the help of nanoneedles, diamonds now can be bent up to 90 degrees without any fracture.

What’s The Science Behind It?

For bending the diamond, Scientists also used a scanning electron microscope for moving the diamond according to the electric beam. It is the only secret why fracture doesn’t occur while using nanoneedles. The bending process of a diamond is reversible. It means once you bend the diamond, you also can reverse it back to the original shape.


This achievement will be beneficial not only in easy jewelry making but also in other fields like storing energy, protecting materials, computing in quantum. But until now, some improvements in the technique is necessary to overcome the potential challenges of nanotechnology. Once they found a solution to face nanotech, then they will make it applicable to use.

  • Scientist Blake Regan, from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia, said that the role of Diamond is very high in radiation shielding, nanophotonics, and micro-electrical mechanical systems. Thus this discovery will be precious for nanotechnology.
  • Regan and his colleagues, the team behind diamond bending, are interested in finding how all these mechanical properties of materials help in changing the deformation of the material. Their interest made this work possible to run the experiment at the nano stage and analyze the fundamental molecular dynamics, and the mechanism.

Problems While Bending Diamonds

They also said that the bending has been possible only because of the use of nanoneedles. They bring the change in the shape of a diamond by moving the nanoneedles forwards and backward to observe the deformation. At the first attempt, they can’t even enter the nanoneedles because of the most reliable molecular arrangement. Still, when they make some changes in the dimension of nanoneedles and diamond crystal orientation, their idea comes to work.

While experimenting, they also get a lot of ideas regarding molecular dynamics and discovered a hypothetical state of carbon called 08-carbon. It has a similar molecular arrangement like a diamond while straining. They also said that the bend is the same as zipping a chain.


Research news has already published excellent articles on the web. It will take some time to reach our study books. This discovery is a note in “the world book of molecular dynamics” and “application of nanotechnology.”

Final Words

This discovery is successful in understanding a lot more about the study of the diamond as well as nanotechnology. There are many undiscovered things hidden in nanotechnology. Science is a subject of success and failure; everything that we experiment with is not always successful. There are a lot of sacrifices of hard-worked experiments and money to get an exact discovery in science.

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