UK Will Have Its First Woman US Ambassador


Dame Karen Pierce has announced the new ambassador of the UK to the US.

Dame Karen is a permanent representative of the UK to the United Nations and will become the first woman UK ambassador.

Before her Sir Kim Darroch was appointed on the post who has resigned in 2019 when his email was leaked in which he said the administration of President Donald Trump “clumsy and inept”.

Dame Karen said she hoped to “strengthen the special relationship” between the countries.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that she is “an outstanding and accomplished diplomat”, “and tweeted about her “I can think of no better person to drive forward our hugely important relationship with the United States at this time.”

She was congratulated by the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on her appointment who said “a time of huge opportunity for the friendship between the UK and US”.

The decision of this posting comes after Brexit trade deal negotiated with the US, and there are more between the two nations about the future of Iran nuclear deal and the use of Huawei technology.

In 1981 Dame Karen joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Before becoming the Ambassador in Afghanistan between 2015 and 2016, she held posts in many countries including Japan, Switzerland and the US.

Before her post at the UN, she returned to London as the FCO’s political director and chief operating officer.

Dame Karen said after the announcement of her new role, “I am honored to have been asked to represent the UK in the US. I think it is the UK’s single most important relationship. There is a deep bond between Britain and the US, built on many pillars.”

“We have a fantastic cross-government team across the US and I look forward to working with them to strengthen and even further deepen the special relationship between our two countries and peoples.”

Mr Raab also said: “I am delighted that Karen Pierce will take forward this exciting new chapter in our relationship.”We’re proud to be sending to Washington such an outstanding diplomat, and I warmly congratulate her on her appointment.”

In the diplomatic world Dame Karen Pierce is hugely regarded as a good egg.

She has served all over the world as a Foreign Office lifer. Her blunt and sensibility as well as smart in the paths of Washington.

Prime minister showed his confidence in her who had good working experience with her when he was foreign secretary, and she has held many posts there in the US as well as at the UN in New York.

So, for this job Dame Karen is widely qualified, but she will need her intelligence and allure in the upcoming months.

After the disagreement on the Iran, Huawei and digital taxes, along with the diplomatic row over the death of Harry Dunn the relations of both the countries are falling.

It will be challenging for her to help and secure trade deal between post-Brexit Britain and the US.

After Sir Kim had resigned, there was no UK ambassador in the US after his emails were leaked from 2017.

He has mentioned in his resignation letter that situations made it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like”.

The US president Trump marked him “a very stupid guy” and said that he would no longer work with the diplomat.

In the middle of the Tory leadership contest the row burst, as the new-Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized Trump for not supporting Sir Kim.

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