Warn! Meat, Poultry, And Fish Can Increase Cardiovascular Risk


Experts say that non-veg foods like Fish, meat are helpful in bodybuilding. But one thing you must know that the processed form of meat and Fish like bacon, hot dogs and sausages have more chances to increase cardiovascular risk. While the unprocessed or raw form of beef and Fish are nutritious to health.

Processed food is mix up with preservative chemicals and other artificial taste-making substances. These addictive substances are responsible for causing cardiac disorders.

To be sure about the above fact for processed meat and Fish. Victor W. Zhong, Ph.D. Cornell University Ithaca with some other Scientists analyzed to find out the exact cause. This analytical research is also available in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The research gives the following types of observation:-

●      Zhong found that those who were intaking meat, poultry, and Fish are more affected by cardiovascular disorders.

● The data says that from the total studied people, about 44% were men, and 31% were non-white.

The Researchers had recorded all the name participants 1985–2002 who suffered from CVD, and till 2016 they found the exact cause for the sufferings. It took probably 30 years to know the precise reason.

● While Looking into the type of cardiovascular disorders, it said that nearly 38.6% effected by coronary heart disease, 25% from cardiac stroke and 34.0% involved cardiac heart failure.

The author explains that for unprocessed red meat, one serving was equivalent to 4 [ounces]. For Fish, it is 3 [ounces]. Similarly, For processed meat, one meal consisted of 2 slices of bacon. It’s all is difficult to understand if you don’t have an idea about ounces and slices. The total intake of all these food can affect your deadline.

Some Of The Other Primary Causes Of Cardiovascular Disorders Include:-

● smoking

● diabetics

● higher body mass index (BMI)

● Elevation in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels in the body

● consumption of more alcohol

● lowering of HDL cholesterol levels 

● eat lower quality of diet

Excluding all these primary causes, the researchers calculated the servings among the people to know about the risks of suffering every week. Zhong and his team concluded that intaking of processed meat or unprocessed red meat is a significant cause of cardiovascular disease. They also said that intaking Fish doesn’t effect any cardiac health.

From the research of 30 years, the risk of cardiac death increased from 3% to 7% among the population. This increment is more than double. They also mentioned in the research article about the risk factors for intaking unprocessed red meat and processed meat.

The only solution to save people from this harmful suffering is either changing the food quality. Or skip eating processed and unprocessed meat. Any of the steps must follow to resolve the issue of cardiac risk.

Final Words

The studies of research are focused on the dietary intake of foods only. The research doesn’t focus on checking if the meat is fried correctly or not. Also, this research doesn’t give any comprehensive data if the beef is hygienic or not. The study only highlights dietary chemicals and their impact on human health. As it was long time research, so some conclusions assumed to be true. It depends on the people if they take it seriously or lightly.



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