Senate Voting Is Done For Right Leader In Italy To Face The Trial


Recently all the senators of Italy voted in allowance to the prosecutors to put the famous leader Matteo Salvini honor trial in the charge of holding the migrants at the sea illegally.

He was an interior minister of Italy previously and currently, he kept people in a boat for around a week in August 2019.

This is completely illegal as per the government rule of Italy. The boat was kept at sea near Sicily.

Almost 116 numbers of migrants were kept for the whole week in Gregoretti. And for this, all the senators of the Italian parliament voted against him for being an anti-immigration leader of Italy to put him on a trial on Wednesday.

Mr. Salvini also wanted to go to the court because he thinks that whatever he has done is completely right from his side. He also wants to convey to the whole world that his policies regarding migration have saved a lot of lives in Italy. So he is quite calm and proud of his decision and also told the reporters that he will do the same thing again if he can be back in the government post.

The senators from his League party were in confusion to vote and that is why they just left the chamber without participating in the voting procedure against him. According to them, it was the best way to avoid the situation for them so that the internal fighting cannot occur inside the party.

Into the law of the Italian government, all the ministers have a particular parliamentary immunity because of which some actions cannot be taken against them if they are in office. And the senator’s committee conducted this voting to remove the immunity from Mr. Salvini.

Because it is really important to remove the immunity system from him if he is to be kept in the trial.

The upper house senators voted in favor of lifting the immunity from Salvini as soon as possible and they won in the vote of 152-76.

Salvini compared himself with the president of the USA, Donald Trump and promised that he will be back just like him with all the power in the government and rule Italy just like his old policies.

Civil put his migration rule just like before for the sake of the country as per his words. If the initiative of the senators proved to be e true then he may face the jail of 15 years in the charge of illegal did in the migration system.

Because it is completely illegal to keep a boat at sea just because it has a lot of migrants coming to Italy. And it was astonishing to the senators that Mr. Salvini still thinks that he has done the right thing by doing that without realizing the fault.

He also wants to do this again if he is able to get back to his position after the trial.

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