Eating Sausages and Bacon Causes Breast Cancer (New Study)


When we eat processed meat like bacon, chorizo, and sausages, the risk of breast cancer being developed is increased to an overall percentage of 9%.

When the data was drawn by a team from Harvard’s University, which was experimented with more than one million women from different origins, it was found that the effect was mostly caused and found in those who used to eat the meat which was processed.

You will be surprised to know that the WHO that is the World Health Organization has already tried to warn people about the risk which is caused because of eating meat which is processed.

It does seem beneficial to cut down the intake of processed meat if you want to prevent breast cancer.

A warning given by WHO stated that the red meat which we buy from the market is also carcinogenic, but there were studies out of which 2 properly examined the case and finally stated that there is not any kind of effect which is obvious.

Which meat is generally processed does have many preservatives as well and salts that are added in the meat so that the overall life of meat could be increased and it will have a longer shelf life. Adding preservatives as well as salts does change the taste and the texture of meat also a bit.

The salts, as well as the additives which are added to the meat, do interfere with the amount of protein that is present in meat and this interference can also form some compounds in the meat which are toxic and also damage the cells present in the gut.

All of the people who eat these types of meats should know that there can also be the inclusion of smoked products. This has been shown in multiple studies related to the population level and this can also increase the overall risk of cancer to some extent, of the bowel to be particular. These were some of the findings, which were made and helped the WHO to lead and further classify these types of meats as a carcinogen.

There are a lot of questions that have remained unanswered and the research which was made later was not able to provide any further data on to what extent these processed meats can be harmful to a person.

There is a good chance that the people who intake, processed meat live a lifestyle that is not very healthy. Most of the people who eat processed meat don’t eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits as well. Most of the people with these habits don’t work out often as well, which is not good for their health at all.

The cancer type which is most common in the UK is bowel and breast cancer and around 100,000 cases of them can be seen each year.

There is a wide variety of food available in the market and we should try to change our diet by including fresh fruits and vegetables with time.

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