Donald Trump Plans To Visit India. He Says I Am No.1 And Modi Is No. 2 As Per Facebook


Us president Donal Trump and his wife Melania Trump has a plan to visit India by 24th to 25th of February. Trump said that in addition to New Delhi, he, with his wife, would visit Ahmedabad after meeting with PM Narendra Modi.

Trump thanked Facebook for ranking him as the number one president in social media. Narendra Modi is in the second position in terms of popularity on Facebook. The happy with his reputation, Trump said that it makes him feel glad to be in number one. He had a plan from beginning to visit India, but every time it gets canceled due to some reason. Now the opportunity to visit India shows maximum surety so that it will be a pleasant experience for him in India.

PM Modi has put invitation several times to US president for visiting India. So this Trump finally accepted this opportunity to visit India to meet the prime minister with his wife.

Trump tweeted in his post that being number one is a remarkable achievement. He thanked the co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, for making such a platform to interact with people around the world.

In his voice, Mark Zuckerberg replied that it’s a great owner for him to get a thank you from the president. Trump posted on Saturday that “I am going to India in two weeks.”

It happened for the first time that Trump is coming to India. As the popularity of both the president and prime minister is entirely known so they will have a meet up finally in India. Modi, with the country, is ready to welcome Mr. Trump with great honor.

On his last Interview in the world economic forum, Trump said that I am the no.1 political leader in the world. Trump also asked, Who is no. 2? Its Modi from India. He gladly took the name of Modi and represented India.

He has several plans for the tour. Some reports say that Instead of New Delhi, he would visit may other places. It depends on the situation of traveling. So, Trump is not confirmed by the areas instead of Delhi and Ahmedabad. He thought to have a public meeting in Ahmedabad. This visit will be the meet up of two great political leaders. In this decade, the date of stay is going to be remarkable. Trump is the number one political leader, so he is going to hear the roar of millions of people in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Trump and Modi both will deliver their speech in between lakhs if people at Motera Stadium, the largest station for cricket in the world. India is ready for the moment and happy for the visit. The date of the meet-up is going to be full excitement. People from around the country have also planned to go Ahmedabad and see the live meet-up ceremony and speech from Donal Trump.

Modi has visited the USA several times, relating to several Nation issues. This time something different is going to happen; thus, the day will be a day for memory meet-up.

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