Is Changing Clocks Bad For Your Health, Then How To Choose The Time?


Changing clocks to save day time has been a significant factor around the world. From schools to offices, the changing time has become so common, according to seasons and climates. This change brings about a difference in the health of the people. We don’t notice such changes, but it affects the body. The human body needs some time for the adjustment of those times. Changing clocks for working hours forces you to wake in a different time for getting ready to reach the office. It neither turns your work schedule but also breaks your eating hours.

We are changing clocks, especially in spring, which is a significant factor for heart attacks and traffic accidents. Waking up early in spring doesn’t complete the proper sleep cycle and thus makes the people feel sleepy because of the cloudy weather. Alternatively, it affects the total biological system of the body, and we began to suffer from diseases. 

But, under the control of politicians and government, people are bound to follow the rule of changing clocks. It somehow affects the business of retailers and industries because of most of the products sold at the time of sunny evening. So scheduling the time into different clocks also affects the market.

Human biological researchers say that wintertime is known to the time of god. Thus it is objected to change time in winters from farmers. According to a 2019 Associated Press-NORC Center, it shows that more than 71% of people stop their alarm clock in the morning to take complete sleep. Thus, changing the clock disrupt their time of sleeping.

But, now it’s a trend to save daylight time. So most countries start the office early in the morning and leave before the evening so that the client save their daytime for refreshments. Lawmakers believe that changing the clock time plays a significant role in development. It builds up the working spirit.

Yates, 54, a CEO in Denver, is promoting to make the end of switching the clock time. No doubt it saves time, but scientific studies show that this clock time-shifting can adversely affect the health of the people.

A German a study from 2006 to 2015 also shows many death cases in the spring seasons of cardiac disease only for this clock time changing. Various traffic accidents because of sleepy mood have come out at the time of spring. The human biologist says that a sudden change in clock timings makes the body difficult for the adjustment. The body follows the same rule that we taught it to do. Making an immediate change is not the solution, but if changes made in a fair planned way will help people to maintain their health.

The Illinois Senate passed a bill for changing clocks. Kansas is considering making the day-saving time permanent for saving lives. Ray Ward, a physician from Bountiful is also pretending the state Senate to make daylight bill permanent.

Messing with the body related to the sun should be maintained property. Let make the body adjust according to the ongoing clocks if the disturbance in the schedule of working occurs when the body is most likely to suffer. It takes time for the adjustment to something we don’t know. So, the clock changing must set in such a way that doesn’t let anyone face problems.


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