Simplicity Linux Is Back With Advanced Technology


Simplicity Linux released an awesome gaming platform where the preference is given to general-purpose computing.

The people who are interested in the computing platforms without a proper gaming interface can surely focus on this simplicity Linux which is completely revamped from the previous version.

Simplicity Linux changed it the distro which was based on the puppy Linux and Xfce desktop. Linux has changed itself completely to cope up with the progressive technological advancement in the whole world. So the release their gaming platform in a proper way with the improved user interface.

They have released the mini and desktop editions which also will run in the cinnamon desktop greatly.

The mini edition is quite lightweight and that is why so many people are preferring it over the previous versions of Linux. They have released this edition with a minimal number of pre-installed software in it and also supplemented mini Linux with cloud-based software.

Mini edition uses Google Chrome as its main portal where the interface of Linux can be used. The mini edition of Linux is quite attractive to the people who like to have advanced technology in their computer system.

Google Chrome is one of the most famous online portals currently and that is why simplicity Linux used it as the main interface of mini edition to make it simpler to the people who want to use it as their major gaming console.

The desktop edition of simplicity Linux has more pre-installed software to run the Linux properly. They have also made a very user-friendly interface to simplify the usage of it among the people. They have included Chrome, claws-mail, libre office, VLC and GIMP as pre-installed software in the simplicity Linux.

You can add more software to the interface from the synaptic package manager. This package is quite robust and so many outside software is available in their portal. So if you want to make simplicity Linux more equipped then you can choose another type of tool from the synaptic package manager itself.

The installation from this package is quite easy and anyone can do this.

Simplicity Linux is launched by a whole new look and the feeling of the user interface is completely different than the previous versions. Previously there was a black desktop view of Linux but currently, it has changed into colorful view and tools options.

You will also have some personalization choices in it to make it work according to your wish.

According to technology advancement, Linux has revamped itself completely to draw the attention of the users even more because most of the time we search for advanced technology for ourselves.

Linux is one of the most used software throughout the world and that is why they try to change their interface to make it look more professional but attractive to their users. By changing the interfaces they have achieved the goal to some extent but also there are more works to do for them for the betterment of the software further.

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