Missouri Farm Has Been Given $265 Million From BASF And Bayer In The Lawsuit


Recently a farmer for Missouri was given around 265 million dollars as compensation due to massive damage to his trees on the farm by the weed killer dicamba.

The chemical drifted to his orchard from outside. It killed so many trees on his farm. That is why the jury decided to award him the lump sum money due to his punitive damages. This is a type of award which is given to the farmers who tend to see you the particular chemical makers due to his damages.

The matter was quite serious from the environmental perspective. This chemical started to hamper the normal ecology of the farms around Missouri.

The Bader farms who are one of the biggest farms of speech in Missouri was also damaged due to this chemical earlier.

The company Bayer stated that they will try to deliver all the farmers some effective and sustainable tools but that does not dilute the situation at all. Some farms are damaged in high amount and the trees and the crops cannot be repaired.

That is the main reason why these lawsuits were filed against the chemical makers to buy some farmers who have gone through the troubled situation. These farmers were control losses to a very high extent and those losses let them file the suit to sue the chemical company.

The lawsuits filed blamed the weed killer dicamba because of the damage that happened to millions of trees and crops around the whole country and that is why all the farmers United against these chemical makers.

They were highly against the company because of their massive losses. The farmers in Missouri use this chemical for around 50 years now but currently, the usage of it killed a lot of non-dicamba resistant crops due to heavy usage of it widely spread around the country. For these losses, farmers went up to the jury for some compensation and protested against the company that did not pay attention to the refinery system of the chemical.

Lately, the jury decided to give them a whole amount of money as a compensation price.

The United States environmental protection agency also increased the level of restriction on the usage of the chemical dicamba for the killing of weeds in the farms. They have also incorporated the need for training and implemented the cut-off system in the dates when the chemicals will not be sprayed to any of the places around the country.

They think that this initiative may help the farmers to cope up with the situation in a better way. The chemical company argued in the lawsuit that the trees of the farm were killed by the fungus of roots and the bad weather condition and not because of their chemical.

The court has dismissed the statement because of having a lot of proof against the chemical to kill the crops and decided to go with the statement of the farmers and compensate them accordingly.

Bayer said in a said that “We want our customers to know that, as this legal matter continues, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering them the effective and sustainable tools they need in the field” .

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