Courtney Love and Frances Bean still remember Kurt Cobain on his birthday


Kurt Cobain was a famous American singer and the frontman of Nirvana rock band. It already 26 years gone when Kurt Cobain died in 1994, But Courtney Love and Frances bean still remember him on his birthday. The love and affection towards him still exist in between this his and daughter. They always remember him all the time they spend and lived together. This year the same thing happens; on Thursday, they celebrated Combain’s 53rd birthday.

Affairs between Miss. Courtney and Kurt Cobain were since 1990, and finally, they get married in 1992, but he died in 1994, The cause of his death was suicide. From those times till now, they celebrate his birthday every year to recollect all those memories. Courtney said that she used to feel like mourning him every time and makes him feel guilty. She now has no one to talk with her. He is not going to come. Again whatever she says will not bring him back. She also told me that all those things would not happen again. She misses him a lot, and the best thing she can do is pray for him.

But, this year was something special, Francis Bean, his daughter is now 27 years of age. Kurt Cobain died when he was 27 years of age. It makes the day unique. Miss Francis shared her pic with his father on Instagram, holding her in his arms when she was born. But those days, Love and Frances have faced various difficulties dor depression. Once bean suggested that her outspoken mother should ban from Twitter when she knew about that her mother hit by Dave Grohl. Both these pairs are in a good position now.

Kurt Cobain’s daughter Francis also said that Her mom is the kindest woman till now she meets. She mentioned that whatever she is now, that’s only because of her mom. There was her mom every time who showed her the right path in his life. She is the most beautiful and intelligent person until now she met. Francis gave a lot of credits to her mom regarding her early life. The moment was so affectionate between the mom and daughter. Francis also said a lot of things about his father on an episode of RuPaul’s in February 2019. She also thanks her mom for everything because an intelligent mom can only handle her child after the death of her husband.

Francis also mentioned that from her childhood till now,  even doesn’t know how to handle things. But mom makes her feel like she was inside her skin to achieve all those now. She has come through a lot of emotional situations and learned how to handle them from her mom.

Frances added that she was very affectionate with her father. But her father loved her very much. She said she has both have equal values for both of them, and that’s she calls as an era of balance. Giving birth and caring are two different things, but her mom maintains the balance to make her not feel alone after her father’s death. She is very thankful to God for giving her such a lovely mom. She whished her if her Father Kurt Cobain was with them; he must feel proud of her mother.

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