The Nevada Democratic Debate


Six candidates went further to take over the stage in a debate that was held almost three days before the vital Nevada caucuses. There was this newcomer Mike Bloomberg, who was in the eyes of nearly everyone. He was attacked continuously by everyone.

Those Who Were Present

Some former Vice Presidents were present at the Hotel and Casino at the Las Vegas Hotel in Paris. These presidents are Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Also, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the mayor of New York Bloomberg spent around two hours.

The debate started with Warren and Sanders promising to reduce wealth inequality. They were throwing jabs at Bloomberg. Bloomberg is someone who has spent almost $400 million from his fortune on creating campaign advertisements.

Sanders still maintains a pioneering position in the polls that happened at the national level. He leads by 19 points in Nevada. This was as per a survey that was completed on Monday. The Nevada caucuses were there to present one with an opportunity for Biden. Biden had been maintaining the lead for a couple of months. He was planning to bounce back against Sanders.

Biden is a former front runner. He came to mind as an afterthought in Wednesday’s debate. Biden is at risk of not performing well in Nevada. This is about the coming Saturday, that is, February 29. This risk comes from the fact that he didn’t come out victorious at Hampshire.

Some Significant Moments From The Night

*Bloomberg got beaten by his competitors on Wednesday. This was at the start of his appearance, and this moment was from the Democratic debate stage.

*The worst attack that came was from Warren. He said that Bloomberg was nothing but a billionaire who is used to calling women nothing more dignified than ugly phrases such as ‘fat boards’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians.’

*After saying all this, he continued to say that he wasn’t mentioning the traits of Donald Trump. Instead, he said, he was speaking about Bloomberg. This allowed a lot of gasps from the audience.

*Sanders also kept putting Bloomberg down by saying further that there was this stop-and-frisk policy that Bloomberg oversaw during his tenure as a mayor. This policy proved to be harmful to people of African-American origin and also people who belong to the Latino category. So, there is no possible way in which one can increase the voter turnout.

Bloomberg responded to this saying that Sanders had proposed the “Medicare for All” provision in the field of health care. So, there is no way as such to build up some coalition, which is in a broader coalition.

*Buttigieg had Sanders and Bloomberg as their primary targets. These were said to be two of the most polarizing figures on that is present out there. Also, they went further to say that most Americans have no idea of where they will fit. They are required to choose between a socialist and a capitalist world.

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