The Crucial Neuron Is Identified By The Researchers For Better Navigation


Recently some researchers found a neuron for social navigation in the brain of mice. This Discovery was done by some researchers at the University of Michigan. They started their research some time ago in the brain of a mouse and currently, they got a neuron in their brain which works as a navigator. This navigation is mainly for the long distances completed by mice. If they damage this neuron, they will go through navigation problems as well as memory loss just like human beings facing difficulty to navigate their way from one place to another. But scientists are not clear on the fact about how much interaction it can do with the cortex inside the brain.

The researchers did their thorough study with the RSC of mice as well as the human to compare both of them in terms of reactions of those cells two different information stimuli. From this research, they concluded that two different neurons are available which focus on completely separate forms of navigation. One of them is regular spiking neurons which generally control the changing of direction in our head. Another one is low rheobase neurons which respond to maintain a direction. Both of them work in their way by receiving external information to the brain. The regular spiking neurons are responsive in changes and that is why they cannot keep on firing for information. This happens because of their ability to get the signal decreases after the change of direction. On the other hand, the low rheobase neurons can fire constantly and rapidly because they can respond to subtle changes in direction. This denotes that they can detect small variations in positions.

The name of low rheobase neuron is the little neuron that code which is considered to be a tenacious one among all other neurons. It can constantly in court orientation in our head even when we are not moving. That is quite remarkable in the field of study. Currently, all the researchers are studying whether these neurons can affect Alzheimer’s disease or not. Currently, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most dangerous diseases in the whole world and so many people are suffering from this disease right now. If some help can be done with these findings then a lot of people can get cured. Alzheimer’s is one of the most common dementia and it is because it affects the spatial orientation in a person.

If the researches can find out some connection of these retrosplenial cells with the new neurons then there is a hope that they can have a strong remedy of Alzheimer’s disease. For that, they will need a lot of research and strong evidence it is needed to prove that low rheobase neurons or regular spiking neurons can cure the Alzheimer disease in a person effectively. Then only this research will have a conclusion from the medical point of view of all the researchers out there.

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