Hawaii doctors pointed out 8 for coronavirus symptoms without testing.


Hawaii doctors found symptoms of coronavirus. So, they have alerted the Department of Health more than eight times that there are chances of suffering from coronavirus. They have assumed it without any testing. They have not tested any of the patients and submitted the heath report to the CDC of US states. US department of health updated that there are 61 cases of COVID-19 in Hawaii. As per the health report, 55 instances are from Oahu, four from Hawaii, one from Maui, and one from Kauai are facing coronavirus symptoms. But the surprise is that no one suffered due to the cause of immigration from outside. Still, the investigations are going on to find the exact cause of the disease.

Till now, the doctors of Hawaii submitted the reports of 8 patients. The spokesperson of DOH said KHON2 that no request match with CDC as per the investigation and testing. The investigators are always asking about the reading reports from the doctors. Coronavirus cases of respiratory illness and shows a lot of symptoms, the same as the influenza virus. Coronavirus symptoms make you feel cold, suffer from fever, the same as flu. Dr. Kalani Brady, University of Hawaii, said that doctors would look at those patients having the same symptoms to check whether the reason behind the symptoms is coronavirus or not.

All the testing for the patients is under the control of the CDC department. But, until now, even the samples for the patients have not yet submitted. The other 43 states have already sent 479 samples for the test. CDC reports say that out of 412 samples, 14 examples show a positive result forCoronavirus symptoms. Fifty-three more tests are still pending for the trial. In the state of Hawaii, doctors are collecting the sample for giving it to the DOH. The regular inspection is going to the patients facing the same type of treatment.

When the Hawaii doctors asked the step about handling 8 PUI forms, the spokesperson of DOH said that they should fill all the patients formed manually and sent it to the DOH as soon as possible. The safety and identification are must to take a good measure for the prevention. No one knows how the consequences of coronavirus symptoms in the coming days, but only this much is possible from our hands.

Dr. Brady tells KHON2  that we are hoping for a change in the future. Our motto is only to find the infected one and send them for treatment. Doing this will protect the disease from spreading. We focus on getting the report by this week if the procedure of form and PUI procedure followed sequentially. Dr. Sarah, with her team, developed a new way of identifying the symptoms of coronavirus. Brady said that some of the Positiveaares false, so no need to be worry skip them all. The department of the heath is doing their work to deal with the symptoms and the test results. When KHON2 asked whether the new form will also need specimens, Brady replied that until the physician report comes out from the department of health, we can’t instruct to stop the examples. The test will proceed until the coronavirus symptoms arise among the people. The self-monitoring of the 61 people are going on to find the cause.

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