Now Mozilla releases special VPN for Windows and Android


Mozilla is quite a well-known name in the browsing world which is the creator of Firefox. Currently, they are going to release their VPN for Android as well as Windows and this is a brand new initiative by them. There Virtual private network app is still in the beta condition and you cannot get the full version yet but they are clearly working on it real fast. According to the beta system, you cannot sign in the app without getting invited to it. The uses of this beta version have to pay around 4.99 dollars per month to accept the invitation feature. So Mozilla has not launched the full version yet but probably they will do it real soon.

According to the market price of the subscription of the VPN for android, the price fixed by Mozilla is quite low compared to every one of them in the market. They have also assured that the privacy will be taken care of and any kind of logging network traffic and browsing history exposure will be avoided. Still, people could not rely completely on this VPN which is the major reason for Mozilla to take some time before launching it full-fledged. Till now Mozilla has a very impressive track record regarding their privacy feature in terms of Firefox browser and that is why researchers are still relying on their Technology where they have used new protocols regarding security named Wireguard Protocol. Among the other protocols in the market, OpenVPN is the best among all of them till now and this one is going to compete with that for sure.

Wireguard is much faster and also very much secured than OpenVPN. Mozilla is considering this one to build their Technology. It has the potential to become a whole new standard for the industry. This VPN will also allow around 5 connections simultaneously which will be much more convenient than any other VPN in the market right now. The Virtual Private Network launched by Mozilla has around 30 countries as their server networks which is a huge number for a new VPN. Mozilla has partnered with the famous company Mullvad to give the supply of their network which is a very good decision by them.

Mozilla has also said that they have planned to launch new service in the brand new locations in the future for this Virtual private network. It is a great achievement for them to launch their technology in 30 countries between geo-restrictions and sensor ship problems all around the world. Theremin competitor opera has completely free VPN with a built-in browser with that but Mozilla is going to give real protection from VPN for android. Some researchers still doubt the security features of 8 and that is why they are giving objection to the technology launched by Mozilla. So the quality of their technology is to be checked till now. But Mozilla will hopefully cope up with that very systematically.

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