Coronavirus knocks the door of Maryland: – Governor of Maryland


On Thursday evening.Larry hogan, Governor of maryland announced the state’s first positive cases of coronavirus also known as COVID-19 and declared a state of emergency to ramp up Maryland’s coordinated response across all levels of government. Health officials confirmed the first three positive cases of Coronavirus in maryland. According to officials, those patients live in Montgomery County two of them is a married couple in their 70’s and another one is a woman in her 50’s. As of Thursday morning, 31 Marylanders had been tested for the novel coronavirus. 17 of the tests were negative, according to the Maryland Department of Health the rest were pending.Coronavirus satellite images are also released.


On March 4, the state contacted them, and test results came back Thursday. Officials said they are trying to locate where the patients went after arriving home from international travel, however, due to patient confidentiality Health officials won’t say which hospital positive Maryland coronavirus patients went to get tested; they got back to Maryland on Feb 20. The state learned on March 3rd. contacted them on March 4th. The state was notified through the Centre for Disease Control and prevention about the patients; this was not community transmission. The state will not say what countries they traveled to before arriving back in Montgomery County. Governor of marylandLarry hogan also declared a State of Emergency at a press conference on Thursday. This is serious, but we have been actively preparing for Coronavirus in maryland,” Hogan said during a press conference.Coronavirus deaths in us are increasing day by day.


The Maryland Department of Health said that there’s a thorough investigation underway and that the patients who tested positive for coronavirus are at home. Governor Larry hogan assured residents that this is “not a reason to fear” and said that Marylanders should go to work and school as they normally do. Governor of marylandLarry hogan issued this statement” Baltimore’s Public Health Laboratory has confirmed the first 3 positive cases of Coronavirus in maryland. The patients, who contracted the virus while traveling abroad, are in good condition. We have been actively preparing for Coronavirus in maryland over the last several weeks across all levels of government. I encourage all Marylanders not to fear, but to take this seriously and to stay up to date.


In the Baltimore area, there have still been no official cases of coronavirusmaryland, although several tests are pending results. 3 students studying at Bnos Yisroel School in Baltimore were sent home early on Wednesday after officials were made aware of possible indirect contact between those students and someone who tested positive for coronavirus USA in New York. The school said it has been in touch with the Baltimore City Health Department, the Centre for Disease Control and the Department of Health. Governor Larry hogan submitted an emergency legislation to allow the state to use the rainy day fund for response efforts. Maryland will now be bypass the Centers for Disease Control and carry out its own tests for novel Coronavirus in maryland the Department of Health will speed things up People can dial 211 for Help with coronavirus in the US.

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