Inmate gets stay of execution in Alabama for a significant killing instead of capital punishment


The recent news in Alabama speaks of the execution of an inmate. He was guilty of killing three police officers. Instead of being provided with capital punishment, he was presented with a stay of execution. This case dates back to 2004. The inmate who was in the state prison in Atmore was executed on Thursday evening. The inmate was named Nathaniel Woods. He was 43 years old. The final statement of him being dead arrived at 9:01 pm. This happened with a lethal injection. All this information is circulating according to the explanations given by the authorities. The inmate couldn’t say anything before the chemicals started working. Instead, he arranged his hands to pray in the Muslin sign of faith. According to the first case, Woods and Kerry Spencer were the two convicts in a matter of capital murder. This death sentence came when three Birmingham officers were slain. The officer’s death happened in the massive gunfire that shook the city.

The three officers Carlos Owen, Harley A. Chisolm III and Charles R. Bennett, were killed when they were trying to serve a misdemeanour domestic assault warrant which had been released against Woods. This was at a place which was a suspected drug house. According to the prosecutors, Spencer was the triggerman who was in the slaying, open firing and all the activities against the officers. He was the one who held the high powered rifle and was inside the apartment. Woods was convicted for being an accomplice. The stay of execution orders came when the Supreme Court in the U.S. issued a visit for a temporary duration. This was to consider any appeals that might come to light in the last minute. Also, the court denied the petitions that were filed on behalf of the inmates. Alabama government Kay Ivey also denied any requests that were put forward for clemency. Capital punishment was not in the picture.

Ivey stated that this was not a decision that he was taking in a light state of mind. Instead, he was a firm believer of law and the fact that justice has to be served. His thoughts, according to him, were for the families of Officers Chisholm, Owen and Bennett. He wished that may these families have all the comfort. Also, he prayed for them that they continue to find peace and heal from this crime which was of such terrible nature. Alabama was shaken with the intensity of this crime. Almost every other person is seen talking about this stay of execution. People have also been talking about capital punishment.

Some supporters, who mostly included the son of Martin Luther King Jr. put forward last-minute appeals to stop this stay of execution in Alabama. This was a case which drew a lot of national attention. Supporters also argued a lot about the fact that Spencer had said that he was the only person who was responsible for the shooting. Also, this fact came into consideration that Woods had received a really unfair trial for capital punishment in 2005. Wood’s sister Pamela Woods also spoke about his innocence.

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