Trump Backlashed for Politicizing the U.S. Military


While the people of Minneapolis are fighting for the justice of George Floyd’s death who has been killed by the white officer in Minneapolis, Donald Trump has announced to deploy armed forces to quell the protestors for which he is being backlashed from every corner of the world. This move of Donald Trump to execute the policies within his administration by calling on the troops has amplified the criticism for him. For the first time in Donald Trump’s administration, the Defense Department has publicly resisted the proposal of the president of the U.S and said that the armed forces should only be used as a “last resort’. The objections can be heard both within and outside the military community. Due to this, Trump and his top advisors are quite furious and surprised.

Amid the tensions between the Trump and MarkEsper, Defense Secretary, Trump is still “confident” about him. It is not clear yet whether Trump is planning to replace Esper in the middle of the re-election campaign. According to Mara Karlin, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and presently, the director of Johns Hopkins University’s Strategic Studies program, we can see many examples where Trump has used the military for political reasons which got rough. But this time, in case of George Floyd’s death, it is rougher than the previous occasions and will last longer than the president’s expectation. But that does not mean he will stop doing it in the future.

Some of the examples we can see in history are when, in September 2017, the Pentagon was put in charge of reconstructing Puerto Rico after the destruction happened due to Hurricane Maria. Also, in October 2018, Donald Trump sent 5,200 active-duty military personnel to the southern border when a caravan of migrants was traveling to the U.S. from Mexico which was called ‘invasion’ by him. Fast forward to 2020, Donald Trump has asked the Defense Department to develop and distribute the vaccine by the end of the year that will help the nation in fighting with the novel coronavirus. According to Trump, it is a very massive task and the military will be able to give it to a huge number of people by the end of the year. But those incidences do not raise the number of objections that are being raised for George Floyd’s death.

Some critics say that Esper was not assertive enough in safeguarding the military from politics. For instance, Jim Mattis, former Defense Secretary, criticized the Trump’s way of handling the protest over George Floyd’s death and also showed the dissatisfaction against the Pentagon’s leaders for confusing the role of the armed forces and the domestic response to the protest. Retired Army General, Joseph Votel also expressed his concern for the politicization of the military to suppress the protest. He further said that when the army is seen as being politicized, it misbalances the American institutions and reduces the trust and confidence in our government.

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