Corona vaccine: what scientists say about removing ‘2021’ from PIB  article- News Sarasota


India has come at number three in the world in case of corona infection. There is a ray of hope in the development of its vaccine in view of increasing cases of infection. But even on this, the date seems to be found on a daily date.

First came a circular of the Indian Council of Medical Research, i.e., ICMR, on July 2, which said that by August 15, India will produce a vaccine named Biotech Covicine.

Later on this circular, the ICMR issued an explanation. Explanation said that the circular was issued only because government files continue to move ahead in the process.

But the matter did not end here. Now an article of the Institute of Science Dissemination under the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Central Government has stirred again.

This article has been written by Dr. TV Venkateswaran, Head of Science Communication Training Department of Vigyan Prasar for the Information Bureau (PIB).

According to media reports, it was mentioned in this article that the corona vaccine cannot come before 2021. But in many media reports, it has been claimed that by removing the 2021 line from the website of PIB in a hurry, the article has been uploaded again.

In such a situation, questions are arising that why the government is looking in a hurry regarding the corona vaccine? And can the process of making a vaccine be done correctly by declaring the date beforehand?

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