Iran confesses fire at critical nuclear plant caused heavy damage- News Sarasota


A spokesman for a major institution related to nuclear energy in Iran has said that “a fire in a nuclear plant in Iran has caused a lot of destruction.”

He said that there was a lot of damage due to fire in this plant located near the city of Natanz in northern Iran. However, he did not give any details related to it to the press. Natanz, located about 250 kilometers south of Tehran, the capital of Iran, is Iran’s largest and best quality uranium extracting plant.

He said that the machinery destroyed by the fire will now be replaced with more advanced equipment. According to the latest information, the fire took place in a workshop that prepared centrifuge.

Some senior officials of Iran have described it as the result of a possible cyber-attack. However, he did not present any evidence in this regard. Centrifuge equipment is needed to produce uranium of superior quality, which can be used to make reactor fuel as well as nuclear weapons.

Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Bahroz Kamalwandi said on Sunday that security officials are not talking openly about the fire in Natanz ‘for security reasons’. He said that there was significant damage from this fire incident, but no casualties were reported. In Iran, some other cases of fire and explosion were also reported in the last week.

What happened on Thursday?

The government of Iran had earlier reported that a fire broke out in an under construction part of the plant on Thursday, which was controlled. But American analysts said that the fire started in the workshop making centrifuges and they also released some pictures of this fire.

The fire incident in Natanz occurred six days after the explosion at the Parchin Military Complex in Iran. Regarding the blast, the Iran administration had said that ‘the explosion occurred due to gas leaks’, but based on the satellite images, the explosives said that the explosion happened near the missile-making unit.

The Parchin Complex, adjacent to Tehran, is the same place that Western countries suspect that Iran conducted nuclear weapons tests at this place about a decade ago.

Iran claims that its nuclear program is a peaceful mission and has no intention of developing that nuclear weapon.

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