America is thinking of banning many Chinese apps including TicTalk: Mike Pompeo – News Sarasota


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that ‘America is also definitely banning Chinese social media apps, including TicketLock’.

In an interview to American News Fox, Mike Pompeo said, “I don’t want to interfere in President Donald Trump’s work, but we are definitely thinking about it.”

At the same time, Chinese company Tiktok has said that ‘after the implementation of new security law in Hong Kong by the Communist Government of China, the company has decided to stop its operation from there.’

According to the news agency Reuters, the company may withdraw from Hong Kong by covering its work in the next few days. Chinese company Bytdance had prepared TickTalk to expand its reach to other countries, which has recently been closed by the Indian government for security reasons.

In China, this company runs an app like TicketLock under the name Doyin. Former Walt Disney CEO Kavin Mayer is currently Ticketock’s top official, and recently stated that ‘data for users using Ticketlock is not stored in China.’

Ever since China imposed a controversial security law in Hong Kong, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, and Telegram have all announced in the past week that they are about to make major changes to Hong Kong’s operations.

The US has said that foreign students will have to cover their own beds from here if the classes in their university have gone completely online. If such students enroll in a course in which they have to take tuition in person, then In this case they can live in America. The Immigration and Customs Information (ICE) agency of the United States has said that if students violate this rule, they can be expelled from the country. Coronavirus infection in the US is causing online classes at many universities. It is not yet known how many students will be affected by this decision of America.

Every year a large number of foreign students come to America to study. For many universities, this is a major source of income. Harvard has also said that course instructions for the new academic session will be sent online to the students. These include students who are currently living in the university.

ICE runs The Student and Exchange Visitor Program. Earlier, the students were allowed to do online courses while living in America. But now according to the new order, such students cannot live in America. But they will have the option to take such courses which require in-person tuition. The new rule will be for F-1 and M-1 visa holders. This visa is for academic and vocational students. According to agency data, the US State Department has issued 388,839 F visas and 9.518 M visas in the 2019 fiscal year. According to the US Ministry of Commerce, foreign students contributed $ 45 billion to the country’s economy in 2018.

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