China is the biggest threat to America – News Sarasota


The director of the US intelligence agency FBI has said that China is the biggest threat to America.

FBI Director Christopher Ray described the Chinese government’s espionage and information theft at the Hudson Institute in Washington as “the greatest long-term threat to America’s future”. He said that China has been campaigning at many levels, has started targeting Chinese nationals living abroad, forcing them to return and trying to weaken America’s coronavirus research.

Christopher Ray said, “This is the biggest bet. China is somehow trying to be the world’s only superpower.” The FBI director said that in the coming weeks, the US Attorney General and the Foreign Minister will also take note of these threats from China. This speech of the American officer has come at a time when tension between the US and China on the Corona epidemic and Chinese apps is at a peak.

US President Donald Trump has been constantly criticizing China about the Corona epidemic and directly accuses China of spreading the epidemic in the world. Also this week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the US is considering banning apps made in China, including Tiktok. Pompeo said, “These apps are the means of the government monitoring the Chinese Communist Party”.

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