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The US government has decided to cancel the visas of all students whose academic courses have gone completely online. Due to this, foreign students living in America are shocked and disturbed.

According to this new rule of US immigration, “Students presently in the USA, whose courses have been completely online, will have to either leave the country or take admission in a course which is not completely online. And for whom it is compulsory to attend classes. “

Due to this new rule, students going to America on F-1 and M-1 class visa will be affected. Foreign students are studying any subject or doing a vocational course in America – this rule will apply to all.

The new rule also warns that ‘students may be deported if the government directive is not followed’. There is widespread criticism of this decision of the government in America.

According to an analysis published in the local media, ‘Even a person with little knowledge of higher education in America would know that it is absolutely impossible for a student to transfer to a course in which classes are compulsory in the middle of July’.

In fact, the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had suggested to the students that ‘students present in America should think about taking transfer in the course of regular class’.

On this decision of the government, President of Council of Foreign Relations Richard Haas tweeted, “Letting foreign students enter American universities has been considered a good way to make non-Americans pro-American. But now we keep them away from us Doing and making your opponent. “

An online petition has been put on the White House website. In which, while appealing to ICE to withdraw its decision, people have written that ‘international students should not be forced to return to their country amid the epidemic’.

Harvard University has recently announced that they are doing their course completely online for the year 2020-21. According to local media, University President Larry Beko has also expressed deep concern over this.

No official information has been given about how many students will be affected by this decision of the government.

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