Donald Trump’s U tern on sending back foreign students from America- News Sarasota


America has postponed the decision to send back those students whose classes are being conducted completely online. Last week, the Trump administration announced that all students whose classes of the syllabus are being conducted online will be sent back from America. Now the Trump administration has reversed its decision. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University went to court against the government’s plan. District Judge Allison Burrows of Massachusetts says that all sides have now reached an agreement. According to a New York Times report, the policy implemented in March under the agreement has been re-implemented. Under this, international students can legally stay in the US on a student visa even after taking an online class.

Every year, millions of foreign students come to study in American universities and they are a great means of earning in America. Harvard had recently announced that classes would be conducted online due to concerns of corona infection. Like many other institutions in America, MIT has also said that virtual classes will only run. Last week, foreign students were told that they can stay in America only when they go to class university. When the Corona infection deepened in March, many students returned to their country. These students were told that they would not be allowed to come back because their classes are now running online. The Directorate of Overseas and Customs (ICE) of the US had said that people could be sent back to their country if these rules were not followed.

ICE operates the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. ICE allowed students to complete the syllabus while staying in the United States. But later the Trump administration had said that students who are studying only online will have to go.

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