Now Britain has expressed concern over the news of sterilization of weigher women, China responds- News Sarasota


Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has accused China of human rights violations of the Weigar Muslim minorities in its country, saying that it cannot be denied to impose sanctions against those responsible for it. He told the BBC that there were reports of forced sterilization and mass harassment of the Muslim group. He emphasized that Britain would take appropriate action on this with its allies.

At the same time, the Chinese ambassador in Britain has called the news of talks on any kind of torture camp as ‘fake’. In a BBC program, Chinese Ambassador Leo Xiaoming said that Weigar Muslims are being treated according to the country’s ethnic group law. The Chinese ambassador was shown a video certified by the Australian security agencies in which Veigar Muslims are blindfolded and taken to the train. On this, he said that he is not able to understand properly what is seen in the video and in this way you transfer prisoners from one place to another in any country. He said, “There are no concentration camps of any kind in Xinjiang. There are a lot of false allegations against China.”

It is believed that millions of Vigar Muslims have been detained in the last few years and have been kept in ‘re-education camps’ of the Chinese government. China had earlier rejected the existence of these camps but later cited terrorism and violence by algists in Xinjiang, saying that some specific steps had been taken. It is alleged that the administration has forcibly sterilized the Vigar women or put contraceptive devices in them so that the population can be controlled. A United Nations inquiry has been called for this.

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