China’s Mars Mission: What is special in Tianwen-1 launched- News Sarasota


China has launched its first rocket on Mars amid the Coronavirus epidemic. The six-wheeled robot, surrounded by a protective cover, was released from Earth by a ‘Long March-5’ rocket from Wenchang space station at 12:40 am (Indian time – 10:10 am) in China local time. It is hoped that it will reach the orbit of Mars by February. This mission is called ‘Tianwen-1’ or ‘Question to Heaven’ (question from heaven). This rover will not try to land on the surface for the next two-three months. This strategy of weight and sea was successfully implemented by America in 1970. This will help Chinese engineers to know what the conditions are on Mars before landing the rover. This will prevent accidents or failures in any way.

How is Chinese Yan Tianwen-1?

Tianwen-1 is targeted to land near the ‘Utopia Impact Basin’ just north of the equator of Mars. This rover will study the environment here. The design of Tianwen-1 is similar to NASA’s 2000s ‘Spirit and Opportunity’ vehicle. It weighs around 240 kg and has easy-to-fold solar panels. It has a long pole with a camera mounted on it. This helps in taking pictures and navigating the vehicle. Apart from this, it has five other tools, which will help to analyze the stones on Mars and find water or ice here.

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