South Korea: Seoul’s missing Mayor Park Won Soon’s dead body found in presidential election- News Sarasota


South Korean police say that they have found the body of Park Won Soon, the mayor of the capital Seoul. Park Woon Soon was missing since Thursday. His daughter has reportedly told the police that he had left a message before leaving the house, due to which he suspected and alerted the people. The body of Mayor Park Won Soon was found in Mount Bugac in northern Seoul. This is where his phone’s signal was last found.

So far nothing has been told about the cause of death. According to the news agency Yonhap, the police say that it is investigating the case like suicide. A note was also released later. It is believed that Park wrote this note. It is written in this note – I speak the most sorry. I thank all those who have been with me in my life.

It has also come to light that a few hours before the disappearance of the park, a female employee had filed a case of sexual harassment against him. But it has not been confirmed that this incident had anything to do with this case.

Park Won Soon did not come to work on Thursday. Kim Ji Hyeong, a Sol Metropolitan Government official, told news agency AP that Park Won Soon also canceled his meeting with a presidential officer at his Seoul City Hall office. Police officer Lee Beyeong Siok told reporters that at 10:53 pm local time, he was last seen in a security camera when he was entering a wooded area. The signal of his phone was also found for the last time in this area.

On Thursday, around 600 policemen and fire department officials searched the area for hours. They used drones for this and also took the help of dogs. A large number of people gathered late Thursday night after Sol National University Hospital. He had received unconfirmed reports that Park Won Soon has been found and has been taken to this hospital. In 2011, the mayor of Park Sol was elected. In June last year, he was elected for his third and final term.

He was a member of President Moon Jay In’s Liberal Democratic Party and was also considered a possible presidential candidate in the 2022 presidential elections. He became the first mayor to be elected for a third term after being elected to the post of mayor last year. Apart from being an activist, Park Won Soon was also known as a human rights lawyer. He was known for speaking openly against social inequality and corruption in South Korea.

As a lawyer, he was successful in punishing someone for the first time in a sexual harassment case. He had an open struggle with former President Park Gwen High when he openly supported the people protesting against the president in 2017. Eventually, a case was registered against Park Gwen High and he was also convicted for bribery and other charges.

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